Delta Waves+

Welcome to Delta Waves+, where brainwave entrainment is at its simplest!



•Binaural beats to help you meditate, sleep or focus and concentrate on your daily tasks!

More scientifically, it consists of engineered audio frequencies that cause the brain’s frequencies to align to the frequency of a given beat. Your brain will perceive an hypnotic effect which may elicit a trance-like state. Brainwave entrainment uses frequencies that are the same as the ones naturally produced in the brain during meditation.

Delta waves, for instance, are high amplitude brain waves that are associated with the state of deep sleep known as REM. They are the slowest waves, and have a frequency between 1 and 4 Hz.

• Delta Waves+ is an app that allows you to recreate Delta, Beta, Alpha, Gamma and Theta brainwaves, helping you sleep deeply or improve your focus while working or studying!

Adjust the frequencies to your liking by moving the white dot-slider placed on the sound wave at the center of the screen.

You can also set a timer to stop the playback at a time of your choosing!

And remember: headphones are highly recommended!

• With Delta Waves+ you can also listen to 7 beautiful relaxing songs to allow for a deeper relaxation and you can also generate different nature sounds like rain sounds! Mix them in with the brainwaves to soften them and block out environmental noise!

Finally, you can change the background theme color in the settings page: choose between 7 relaxing Delta Wave inspired colours.

• HealthKit integration! Now you can choose whether to log your timer sessions to the Health app as “Mindful Minutes”.

• By purchasing the full version of the app, you can unlock and enjoy all of these features and improve your relaxation experience!

We’ve put a lot of thought and passion in creating this app, and we hope that by using it many people will discover the power of brainwave entrainment and binaural sounds!

Chakra Meditation Balancing

Each Chakra is associated with different colors and different sounds. Certain tones can tune your Chakras and allow energy to flow through them.

The same can be done with certain wave frequencies. This app was devised and studied to help you tune your Chakras through meditation. Just tap once the buttons and a soft tune related to that Chakra will start. Tap again to stop it.

We put a lot of passion in creating this app, and decided to make it FREE so that everyone can enjoy it and use it to improve their spiritual life.

For a better experience and to truly enjoy the high quality of the music, we recommend using headphones instead of speakers.

*Chakra Meditation Balancing includes*

– 7 HIGH QUALITY tunes, specifically created for each of the 7 most important Chakras

– A detailed information page on each of the Chakras, useful to remind what energy centers of the body they influence, their location and their name.

– HealthKit integration! Now you can choose whether to log your timer sessions to the Health app as “Mindful Minutes”.

– The screen will change color once you select a specific Chakra, aiding you in your meditation.

– High definition background, created for iPad Retina display but available on all Apple devices.

Here are some reviews for Chakra Meditation Balancing:

••••• This app has literally and figuratively assisted in changing my perspective on life! (from Mother~Nature~Wanna~Be!)

••••• This app is very beautiful and the music has so much relaxation in it. It’s a peaceful app (from Jayy Anne)

••••• Perfect!! Quick timed meditation at my finger tips!!! Great for travel or the office (from Momanator)

••••• After I downloaded the App, I started listening to the sounds just to hear what it sounds like. By the time I got to the fifth sound from the top I was in a deep meditative state. I was overwhelmed with happiness, love and joy. I also became grateful for everything in life. Thank you (from Marko_Ras)

Thanks to everybody, we are working to make Chakra Meditation Balancing even better!